.... pitch drifting and tired throats. You can be in control of your voice!  Singer's Workshop is an individualized program of music theory and vocal technique stressing performance repertoire and the development of harmony and sightreading skills. A systematic method of exercises is designed to achieve accuracy, flexibility and power in the high range.  This technique is based on healthy production of pop vocal sound and not only solves the problem of breaks in the voice, but virtually eliminates the need to change registers at all in most pop styles. 

Begin with a private voice analysis to identify vocal strengths and weaknesses.  Receive an in-depth critique and step-by-step solutions to common singing problems. After completing the analysis you are eligible to enroll in private or group classes based on your present level of vocal ability.  

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Beginning through professional level classes consist of one class per week and begin every four weeks. Each series of classes can be repeated as needed. All classes are held in East Del Mar.  
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Three times a year workshops and performances are held in Paris, France. Contact the Del Mar location for dates and programs. 

Emergencies do arise, but regular attendance is essential. Make-ups for missed classes are available when previous notice of the absence is given.  24-hr. notice is required to reschedule private lessons. Class make-ups must be scheduled in advance and must be taken in a class other than the one in which the absence occurred. There is no reduction in fees for missed classes. 

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With one phone call you can use your VISA or MASTERCARD to give the gift of singing!   Contact Us  Then click here to print out and then fill in your custom gift certificate!

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