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Flower Power Revival

Mellow out with us and flash back to the Age of Aquarius! Join us for the best (great harmonies and idealistic thoughts) and the worst (inane lyrics and bellbottoms) of the psychedelic hippy era. Get out your lava lamp and love beads and get lost in the 60's. Remember Woodstock? Shindig? Laugh-in? What about the rock musical "Hair"? Blow your mind with the music of Sonny and Cher, The Mamas & The Papas, Donovan, The Turtles and The Association. (Incense included. . . no bra-burning please)

Master of Ceremonies - President Richard M. Nixon

Barry "Tricky Dick" Cahill will have you and your guests rolling in the aisles! His caricature of Nixon is hysterical as he MC's your event and talks about life in the White House. Can you imagine how Nixon would dance to Rock N' Roll? The audience will double over in laughter when Nixon comes into the room and mingles with the guests.


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